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Беспроводные коммуникации в России
Выпущена официальный релиз прошивка для роутеров серии 2820 с… 
24th-Jun-2010 05:11 pm
Выпущена официальный релиз прошивка для роутеров серии 2820 с поддержкой WiMAX и большим количеством улучшений.

Скачать можно на сайте производителя http://www.draytek.com/user/SupportDownloadsDetail.php?action=Load&MID=12&ID=389

Release Note for Vigor2820 Series
Firmware Version: 3.3.4
Built Date: June 21, 2010
Applied Models:

File and Modem Code
(1)For Annex A Model,
- "v2820_v334_211011_A" is used for modem code 211011(Standard).(Стрим, Москва)
- “v2820_v334_232201_A.* is used for modem code 232201 (recommended for
UK-SEG only).
- "v2820_v334_211801_A" is used for modem code 211801.
- "v2820_v334_2121501_A" is used for modem code 2121501.
- "v2820_v334_2211201_A" is used for modem code 2211201.
(2)For Annex B Model,
- "v2820_v334_2111112_B" is used for modem code 2111112. (Standard)
- "v2820_v334_214702_B" is used for modem code 214702.
- "v2820_v334_215202_B" is used for modem code 215202.
- "v2820_v334_2121302_B" is used for modem code 2121302.
- "v2820_v334_2111312_B" is used for modem code 2111312.
- "v2820_v334_2111302_B" is used for modem code 2111302 (recommended for
Czech only).

New Features
- Support NAT port trigger.
- Support WIMAX
- Support WCF (Commtouch solution)
- Support mOTP.
- Add IGMP V3.

For Firewall
- Improved: Improve security when using PCI scan tool to scan TCP session.
- Fixed: WCF configurations might be erased after reboot.
- Corrected: a memory misbehave for WCF.
- Improved: firewall robustness.
- Improved: Add VLAN condition in firewall rule filter.

- Improved: Apply "My WAN IP field" to IPSec NAT mode for CheckPoint router.
- Improved: Improve VPN interoperability with Cisco router.

- Corrected: NAT mechanism can handle DNS packets
- Corrected: Connection failed with PPTP protocol when the VPN server is located behind

- Corrected: When WAN1 & WAN2 aren't enabled, ISDN connection can't be triggered by
- Fixed: ISDN-TE incoming call makes FXS & ISDN Phone ringing. When FXS answers
the call, ISDN Phone rings still.

For TR-069
- Corrected: TR-069 stun function cause incorrect socket behavior which may cause other
function fail.
- Corrected: Https URL (without port number) setting in ACS Server URL field doesn't

- Improved: Add samba server for user management
- Fixed: 3G code makes router booting failure
- Fixed: 3G modem unplug may cause buffer release error.
- Fixed: Problem of FTP, Samba service
- Corrected: SAMBA transfer problem.
- Corrected: Some problems occurred in USB Syslog.
- Corrected: The router will crash when using Mac OS X to access USB disk via Samba
- Corrected: USB Samba sharing not working properly with Total Commander.

For 3G
- Fixed: Dial-up failure caused by 3.5G disconnection on communication.
- Fixed: Sending AT command by using Telnet command cause system halt.

- Improved: Set WAN2 MTU (for WiMAX: 1380, for other: 1442) in Quick Start Wizard.
- Fixed: L2TP flag is not cleared when changing WAN mode to WiMAX.
- Fixed: Set MTU value for WAN2 back to 1442 if WAN2 mode is changed from 4G to
Ethernet or other mode.

- Fixed: PC sends out AAAA query, but DNS server answers without AAAA type. It causes
the transparent mode for AAAA type failed.

For Wireless
- Improved: Support inbound QoS for wireless client.

For VoIP
- Improved: Use telnet command to turn on/off intercom; intercom is for calls between
phone1 and phone2.
- Improved: Disable intercom by default and provide a CLI command to enable intercom.
- Improved: Modify ZRTP retaining shared secret mechanism to not save data to flash.
- Improved: VOIP call status supports "call return" from ISDN-S0.
- Improved: Handled a call waiting scenario where one of our router's SIP accounts tries to
call transfer to the same SIP account itself.
- Improved: Add protection for various calling cases when SIP buffers are insufficient.
- Improved: SIP registration via VPN tunnel.
- Improved: Add secure phone option switches to dial plan page.
- Improved: Add ISDN-S0 to support Call barring.
- Improved: Reduce web file memory usage.
- Improved: Modify the mechanism to handle SIP header named "MIME-version".
- Improved: Improve call waiting function for SIP account assigned multiple ring ports
(broadcast call) setting.
- Improved: Improve robustness for ZRTP protocol (for secure phone application).
- Improved: Improve interoperability with some SIP proxy server for registration expiry
- Improved: Improve interoperability with some SIP UA for SDP protocol.
- Improved: Support broadsoft server CLIR mode.
- Improved: Add loop detection for SIP protocol.
- Improved: Change WUI title from "interface" to "route" in DigitMap and Call Barring
 Fixed: a broadcast call waiting problem (i.e. more than 1 ring port is ticked for a SIP
- Fixed: MWI stutter dial tone error.
- Fixed: a call waiting bug.
- Fixed: Potential reboot error while using the telnet command of voip.
- Fixed: SIP account stops to do registration in some case.
- Fixed: If the block interface is ISDN, calls from ISDN-TE port still need to follow the call
barring rules.
- Fixed: Control error for VoIP offnets to ISDN PIN code
- Fixed: Internal call failure.
- Corrected: VoIP call log display error when the call log exceeds 10.
- Corrected: a VOIP buffer leakage problem in registration with blank "domain".
- Corrected: Several Call Transfer errors occurred and hang up all the phones at once.
- Corrected: The GPIO configuration(GPIO 3: FXS_ONHOOK_DET1;GPIO 7:INT of
- Corrected: a SRTP buffer leakage problem.
- Corrected: Add a configure flag to control the PSTN call ringing the FXS port, otherwise
when you upgrade firmware from firmware 3.3.3, the PSTN loopthrough will fail to ring
FXS port.
- Corrected: a VOIP STUN server doesn't work with WAN2.
- Corrected: Error occurred in ISDN port hot line. The malfunctioning is caused due to
incorrect channel-port mapping.
- Corrected: While using the Far East VoIP box with Vigor SIP ALG, mobile phone keeps
ringing after VoIP call hang up.
- Corrected: Phone port would not play dial tone sometimes.
- Corrected: VoIP driver error under stress test.
- Corrected: When SIP server uses dynamic domain name and changes the IP address, the
SIP account registration will fail.
- Corrected: SIP server with early media will cause no ring back tone.
- Corrected: Correct the timing of flashing phone LED.
- Corrected: A workaround to solve the incident that Vigor2820Vn loaded 2820VSn's
config rebooted itself during boot up.
- Corrected: Not reject T.38 protocol cause the FAX operation failure. (T.38 will be
supported in next version)
- Corrected: Memory leakage in SIP protocol for specific SIP server.
- Corrected: After finishing a VoIP call, the DECT phone will cause the router reboot for
the echo canceler is not disabled.

For TR-069
- Corrected: TR-069 stun function causes incorrect socket behavior which may cause other
function fail.
- Corrected: Https URL (without port number) setting in ACS Server URL field doesn't

For Others
- Corrected: Refine DHCP transaction ID to reduce the ID conflict problem which might
cause router not getting correct IP information from DHCP server.
- Improved: Refine flow timeout macro.
- Improved: Improve router stability by adjusting flow and dynamic ARP mechanism.
- Improved: Support DHCP option 33.
- Improved: Modify WiMAX information in Online Status.
- Improved: WiMAX driver decides the current country by country code.
- Improved: Add some TR-069 parameters.
- Improved: Add the Browse button on the Home Folder of User Management for USB
- Improved: Add high level Encryption Key Algorithm(3DES/AES-128) for HTTPS.
- Improved: Modify "arp cache table" to delete the entry time from 180 seconds to 40
seconds once the ARP cache entry is expired.
- Improved: Incorporate hardware acceleration into data flow monitor.
- Improved: Clear the buffer before adding string into syslog.
- Improved: Refine IGMP_Proxy for IGMPv3
- Improved: A router stability problem.
- Fixed: Reboot will not be performed automatically after finishing FTP firmware upgrade.
- Fixed: PPTP Tx/Rx count error.
- Fixed: If the length of domain name is greater than 128, it will cause overwrite error in
Syslog message.
- Fixed: Connection will be droppred after timeout (about 300 sec) for PPPoA
- Fixed: Show the wrong source MAC address in syslog.
- Fixed: A problem of PPTP WAN disconnects in 2 minutes.
- Fixed: A load balance bug.
- Fixed: The router could not multicast the entire routing table (only the first 25 routes).
- Fixed: Ping detect TTL problem.
- Fixed: A problem for PPTP disconnected uncertainly.
- Fixed: A local buffer overwrite problem occurs while using telnet commands of "ip
igmp_proxy status" and "ip igmp_snoop status".
- Fixed: a system buffer leakage issue.
- Fixed: IP session count increased but no NAT session available.
- Corrected: A buffer leakage will cause router reboot when using SNMP tool to get
information from router.
- Corrected: A problem that TCP packets through NAT slows down Internet accessing
- Corrected: Potential stack overflow problem.
- Corrected: SSL reboot problem.
- Corrected: WEB page display.
- Corrected: When VPN server is behind Vigor NAT and using True IP DMZ to get IP,
- 6 -
Vigor NAT will block both VPN client's and VPN server's GRE request.
- Corrected: Malfunctioning in data flow monitor and bandwidth session limit.
- Corrected: A memory overflow problem in LAN >> Bind IP to MAC.

Related Information
- Get the document, please visit http://www.draytek.com.tw/user/PdInfoDetail.php
- Get the new firmware, please visit http://www.draytek.com.tw/user/SupportDownloa
- Get the customer service support,
please visit
- Get the regulatory compliance
- Get information for global partners http://www.draytek.com.tw/user/Globalpartners.p
Known Issue
- None
- None
30th-Jul-2010 10:08 pm (UTC)
отлично) не ждали, но спасибо, пойдем перепрошивать)
16th-Sep-2010 04:26 pm (UTC)
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25th-Oct-2010 09:37 am (UTC)
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